from the inside out

It's not just the outside of our bodies that we need to take care of, it's the inside as well. Our mental health has a great impact on how we see and interact with the outside world.


Sharing in peer support activities - be it in a loose social context, a casual conversation, or in an organized group setting - helps relieve the pressure through connection with others who share our journey.


Feelings of isolation, anxiety, family acceptance, bullying and stigma can all seem overwhelming. At MHI we want to build safer spaces to bring up mental health issues - whether that be with a referral to a trained counselor, connection to a peer-based support group or a simple in person connection at a community event.

Together we can share our knowledge, experience and insight and help each other heal from the inside out.


If there is a support group happening or an interesting article you would like to share - get in touch and we will help spread the word through our various MHI communication channels.