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Together we can raise attention to the issues effecting men's health in BC’s interior.

Whether we are discussing personal identity, sexual behaviours or access to health care - the issues facing men in the interior of BC can vary dramatically from one guy to the next and from one town to the next - each guy's experience is valid.

We want MHI to be a resource where you look for options and alternatives to meet your health needs - and a place to voice your opinion on the needs that you feel are not currently being met in your area.

The key ingredient is YOU.

Are you eager to make some positive change in your community and in the communities of other guys with similar experiences?

Great, together our voices can make the change we want to see!


Volunteering with the MHI is an awesome way to share your talents, engage with the community and create positive impact.

Currently we have 4 active Volunteer Committees:

The Art & Design Committee is an avenue of creativity between the other MHI committees. The goal of the this committee is to produce visual content for various programming and branding purposes. This committee collaborates with the Communications & Outreach Committee to ensure MHI’s external communications and social media accounts are in sync.  Those that fit well with the Design Committee are experienced or inexperienced artists, story tellers, graphic designers etc.

The Communications & Outreach Committee is responsible for MHI's external communications and social media accounts. The goal of the committee is to generate buzz about the MHI and its programs and services through out BC interior. The COC utilizes effective promotion strategies to generate attendance at our events. Those that fit well within the COC are tech savvy and responsible social media users with a passion for having their message heard!


The Research and Advocacy Committee provides guys the opportunity to get involved in social justice. We study public, institutional, and political issues that affect men that have sex with men in rural and remote areas. We explore our communities needs and concerns through academic research and partnerships with external stakeholders and organizations. If you are interested in the cross sections of health, identity and community then this is the place for you.  


The purpose of the Social Committee is to build MHI through social events while fostering a sense of community and overall health and wellness. We feel social events build a stronger sense of connection among  guys who like guys in our region.  Social events allow interaction with peers, health professionals, and allied organizations while generating more awareness on issues that effect men's health.

For more information on how you can get involved with one of the MHI Volunteer Committees contact the MHI Coordinator at:



Tell your friends about MHI.

Together we can raise attention to the issues effecting men's health in BC’s interior.



Every little bit helps!

Check back soon - we are in the process of setting up a go-fund me page.

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